Finding Your Best Bra Fit After Pregnancy

As beautiful and amazing as pregnancy is, it does take a toll on your body. And for most of us mere mortals a good bra to “pick us back up” is beyond necessary.

Blogger Tina Hamilton guest blogs today and gives us the run down on finding your best bra fit after pregnancy.

Finding a bra that makes you feel sexy, comfortable and beautiful all at once is not the easiest task. Your body has gone through so many changes while creating your little miracle that you may not have any idea what size you are now. The truth is you are not alone. You have been busy learning your role as a new mom that you haven’t had the time to pay attention to the clothes that you are wearing. That is perfectly OK and normal but every mom deserves to feel sexy, comfortable and beautiful every day. Here are some useful tips to finding your best bra fit after pregnancy.

Understand that your size can fluctuate a little everyday.

If you are pumping or breast feeding you can expect your size to fluctuate a little bit throughout the day. For that reason, it is a good idea to get some bras that vary in size. To determine what your most normal cup size is, usually an hour before or after feedings, measure around your bust at the nipple and right underneath where the band would sit. Once you have determined the size, buying some bras either half a size above or below that will give you a little room to feel more comfortable.

Find a nursing bra that is easy for you to use.

If there is anything that new mothers love most it’s the things that make our lives a little bit easier. When it comes to nursing bras, you may have to try on nursing bras at the store and test out how easy they are to unclasp and reclasp. For that reason I don’t recommend you buy them online. Consider the design of the clasp as well. Some can come unclasped easily, especially when your baby is nuzzling against your shoulder so it is good to have a clasp that lays flat again your skin when it’s secured.

Consider  a professional bra fitting session.

Although it may seem expensive and time consuming, many women, especially new moms, can benefit greatly from a professional bra fitting. Most stores will do it for free with the purchase of a bra and it can be done in a few minutes. This is a great option to use especially after you are past the stage of breastfeeding and your breasts fluctuate less frequently.

Remember: Most of the support should come from the band and not the straps!

Your band should actually provide the most support, using the straps only to give you a little bit more lift.

Don’t Sacrifice on style.

Let your personal style come through in your new bra choices instead of getting a boring bra that you’re OK with. Getting a sexy bra that you can wear on mom’s night off, like date night with dad, will make you feel beautiful inside and out.


Tina Hamilton Headshot

Author Bio: Tina Hamilton is a journalist, blogger and social media guru. You can usually find her online or walking along one of the Souther California’s beaches with her dog Joey. Follow her on twitter @tinathescribe

Style By Patty Update

It’s a very past, longggg overdue Style By Patty update about where I’ve been the last couple of months. It’s been a whirl wind to say the least and to give you all the gritty details would turn this post into a book for your Kindle lol.

The biggest news is that I have relocated from Washington D.C. to Houston, Texas. Yup that’s right, this eternal east coast girl is now rocking cow boy boots and a Stetson (no I’m not) as we await the arrival of our baby girl on Sept 13th. What brought on the move? Well, Hubby and I wanted to spread our wings (and budget) and put down roots and buy a house. So the following pictorial basically shows how it all went down in the span of a few weeks.

First up, it’s time to move and go buy a house. Ok, start packing!

 Someone clearly wasn’t a fan of all the packing.


Remember my post about a good closet cleanse? Boy did I ever cleanse my closet, 6 bags for donations!


The hardest part about leaving such a great place like D.C. was saying good bye to all of our amazing friends. Flowers, balloons, one last ball game and an epic farewell party at Korean BBQ. Never good bye but more like we’ll see you later.




Time to hit the road, family selfie!


6 states and many bridges crossed to get to our new life.


We stopped here a lot #Wafflehouse


Bradford and I selfie’d a lot


Hubby didn’t want to selfie with me.


Bradford took the wheel for a while.


Got to Houston on May 24th, wandered into a sales office on May 25th and POOF put down on our new home!


In the same week, what’s that I heard on the radio?! BACKSTREET BOYS concert here in Houston? UM must be a sign that we made the right choice to come to Houston and it’s time to sing my heart out.



Settling into life in Texas hasn’t been easy, especially now being 7.5 months pregnant but the baby bump style keeps on going! Found this great dress (NON MATERNITY *high five for that*) at my new favorite boutique in the Rice Village area of Houston called Grace Anna’s Boutique.


Baby bump style week 32! Still rocking my (in normal size) black maxi, go to gladiator sandals for the summer and my new Aztec print shawl I won from the Shawl Dawls giveaway hosted by Free Ur Closet.


It’s been a crazy couple of months moving across the country, buying a house like a grown up, growing belly and all while looking fabulous and chic hahaha I kill me.

Still waiting on internet to be installed at home but will be blogging as best I can and getting to know my new clientele in Houston.

To all of my style clients living in the DMV area, I miss you dearly and look forward to our virtual styling consultations.

If you’re in the Houston area and are looking for a new stylist, let’s chat!

Hope you guys liked my Style By Patty pictorial update and I promise to not let so much time go by between us :)

Keeping it Confident – Patty

A Maternity Dress Worth Having!

As I wandered through Macy’s looking for some maternity dress pants (Oooohhhh I will have my rant on that experience in another post this week lol) I so graciously stumbled upon some great maternity wear by Jessica Simpson for Motherhood Maternity.


 I found this beautiful white, empire waist, eyelet dress that screamed SUMMA TIME!

It was totally not on my list of things I had to get nor did I think I would fall in love with it until I tried it on. *This is what happens when left to shop unsupervised by my husband, so technically he WANTED me to get this dress* hehehe


Someone was bored but this picture is too hilarious not to post lol

Someone was bored but this picture is too hilarious not to post lol

This dress is the easiest mat dress I got in my closet right now. Just slip it on, tie the cute leather strap around my bump and I’m good to go.

Threw in some hot pink Marc Jacobs bag in celebration of summer!

Threw in some hot pink Marc Jacobs bag in celebration of summer!


THANK YOU Farfetch for my lovely Marc Jacobs bag! I told you it would be part of my summer everything!!!! XOXO

THANK YOU Farfetch for my lovely Marc Jacobs bag! I told you it would be part of my summer everything!!!! XOXO


When looking for maternity dresses I believe that comfort, style, easy to adjust as the bump gross and still makes you feel beautiful are key elements in having maternity wear that still bring out your personal style. I never want to get into clothes; maternity or not that wear me, I want to wear the clothes with confidence and style!


As I experience maternity wear for the first time, I’m realizing that some pieces are worth investing in and this maternity dress is definitely worth having in your closet.

What’s your favorite maternity dress that you couldn’t live without during pregnancy?

Keeping it Confident – Patty

The Jean Jacket, Your Must Have Spring Piece

Of course I say a lot of different items can be your must have spring summer pieces, after all I am a stylist/fashion blogger. From maxi dresses which is a totes FO SHO! to sandals, flowy tops, to the must have accessories, the list goes on and on. But I will say that my new favorite must have that works across the board is the jean jacket. As we teeter on warm weather, cold, cool, breezy etc, having the jean jacket by your side quickly becomes your must have spring piece.

Dress from found on the Instagram account KimStyleMe. Jean Jacket from Old Navy.

Dress from found on the Instagram account KimStyleMe. Jean Jacket from Old Navy.

I found this dress a long time ago and was looking forward to rocking it as part of my maternity wear. It’s flowy and all around perfect for the growing baby bump. The second thing that I love is how the jean jacket works great with this look to give it a casual feel.




As your body and personal style evolves with pregnancy, the jean jacket helps you look modern and stylist while helping you stay comfortable in your changing bod.

Dress from Target, necklace from The, sandals from Piperlime.

Dress from Target, necklace from The, sandals from Piperlime.

A simple black dress, your favorite fancy neck piece and a jean jacket and your ready for date night. The look is comfortable, simple and showing off some flare to your maternity style.

Me and my kids! Someone ALWAYS has to be in the

Me and my kids! Someone ALWAYS has to be in the



So com’on ladies (pregnant or not) get out there and get yourself a jean jacket for spring! You will be very happy you did!

Need help styling your jean jacket with your wardrobe? Email me so we can set up a virtual styling tutorial and lets get you rocking that jean jacket!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

Duo Boots Day and Night Challenge

When I was asked by Duo Boots to participate in their day and night challenge I was very excited to take part. I had all these different outfits running through my mind and literally had every piece of clothing I own scattered across my bed trying to put together some chic day and night looks.

For my Duo Boots Day and Night challenge submission, I chose to style these adorable Idaho ankle boots with Cuban heel. Since I tend to have a wider foot and pregnancy is surely helping with that (lol), these boots are a great fit for me! They have great support in the heels and I can walk around in them from day to night. Making these ankle boots a great transitional piece for your day to night wardrobe.

On the left my day look. On the right my night look.

On the left my day look. On the right my night look.

Day Look



Night Look





Day / Night

A very big THANK YOU to Duo Boots for asking me to participate in this fun Day and Night challenge and for making such great boots!

You can also check out Duo Boots on their fun Instagram account, Twitter and Facebook.

Happily rocking my Duo Boots DAY look and keeping it confident – Patty

Pastel Colors, FINALLY!

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it’s safe to wear Pastel Colors, FINALLY!

It’s been cold, hot, chilly and in some places still snowing. However, being that Easter was yesterday and is the official, unofficial start to pastel wearing season, Imma wear my pastels!


 I fell in shopaholic love with this silk satin maxi skirt from Zara!


The skirt will be my go to skirt to stay chic and stylish while being pregnant in the pleasant summer heat *insert sarcasm* lol.


Loving my new gladiator sandals by Sam Edelman that I got on Piperlime. Comfortable and the right color brown to pretty much go with almost everything in my summer wardrobe. Picking the right shade of brown for your summer sandals is key!


That bow on the skirt, um EVERYTHING! lol #thelittlethings


My mint cardi I got in a subway station in Seoul, South Korea 3 years ago. I can’t repeat enough on this blog how much I miss Korea and the shopping *girly sigh*

10pFYI, Piperlime, Old Navy and Banana Republic are having a 40% off sale right now, so I swooped in and got myself this gorge necklace by Banana Republic.


High fives and smiles for pastel colors! Let’s keep hope alive the warm weather is here to stay!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

Winner of the Pink Blush Maternity Giveaway

I’m very happy to announce the winner of the Pink Blush Maternity giveaway on Style By Patty!

The winner is:


 Congrats Michelle!!!!!

I really enjoyed hosting the giveaway on my blog and hope some of you mommies to be were able to check out what Pink Blush Maternity has to offer!

In the meantime, make sure you follow Pink Blush Maternity on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for the latest on maternity wear.

Stay tuned for new posts coming up next week and have a Happy FRIDAY!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

Cherry Blossom Style

Finally!!!! Spring is here and the cherry blossoms are the biggest indicator that tell us it’s safe to put away the winter gear and get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

We are in the middle of the cherry blossom festival here in Washington DC and local hair stylist and make up artist Audrey Bethards, has put together a beautiful guest blog to show case Cherry Blossom style for the spring wedding season!

I’m Audrey Bethards, a professional Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist in the Washington, DC area. Patty was nice enough to let me feature a post on her blog today!

We all know that springtime means lots and lots of weddings with approximately 29% of all weddings taking place in the spring. One unique gift springtime weddings in the Washington DC offer is the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms. Many brides take advantage of this natural beauty to add stunning features to their dream wedding. The following are ways you can incorporate cherry blossoms into your wedding!

1. Hair 

Cherry blossom embellishments can add a delicate touch of natural beauty to create the perfect bridal hair style. Consulting with your hair stylist on how to incorporate cherry blossoms into your wedding hair style will help incorporate your vision for the hair style and what the hair stylist can do. In the pictures below notice how just a couple of cherry blossoms compliment these simple yet stunning bridal hair styles.

Photo Courtesy of Jen Fuj Photography

Photo Courtesy of Jen Fuj Photography

Photo courtesy of Bee K.

Photo courtesy of Bee K.

2. Makeup 

Using the color palette of cherry blossom trees to do the makeup of the bride and bridesmaid is a perfect way to compliment cherry blossoms incorporated into your wedding ceremony. Using soft pinks, purples, creamy tones and browns, you can easily match the natural beauty of cherry blossoms. Make sure not to overdo the makeup, because you want your look to look as naturally beautiful as the cherry blossoms!

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Williams

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Williams


Photo courtesy of Wallpapers-Wide

3. Background for Wedding Photographs 

Even if you cannot host your wedding ceremony among cherry blossoms trees, the ethereal beauty of cherry blossoms makes for a perfect backdrop for wedding photographs.

Viona Art

Photo courtesy of Viona Art

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

The fleeting beauty of weddings and cherry blossoms match perfectly; they last only a short time, yet the beauty stays with us forever. Pablo Neruda says it best:

“I want to do with you what spring does with the Cherry trees.”

Audrey Bethards
Hair Stylist and Make Up Artist at
Twitter: @makeupartistdc
Facebook: Hair and Make Up DC

For hair style and make up tips make sure you follow Audrey on her website and check out her youtube channel.

Thank you Audrey for such a beautiful post for cherry blossom season!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

Pink Blush Maternity Giveaway

I’m very happy to announce a fun collaboration with Pink Blush Maternity!

Style By Patty will be hosting a Pink Blush Maternity Giveaway for a lucky mommy to be here on the blog! Enter to win a $25.00 gift card to Pink Blush Maternity’s online store and have fun shopping for some of the latest trends in maternity wear.


I must say this is my very first maternity dress and wearing it around town has been kinda surreal. I’m a mommy to be now (as in I’m a grown up ?!? looking to be cute and stylish while keeping comfort my number one priority. This navy blue chevron print belted maternity dress was only $38 and is right up my alley in price, comfort and my own personal style.



Pink Blush Maternity has a great variety of tops, skirts, dresses, etc. to help you stay comfy while giving you a polished look for the hot summer months coming up. I’m excited to keep adding to my Pink Blush collection as the summer and the bigger belly come along.

In the mean time, let’s get to the giveaway.

Follow the instructions on the Rafflecoppter widget below to enter. You can enter daily and the winner will be announced on April 17th!

Conditions: Entrants who have won a Pink Blush Maternity giveaway in the past 6 months, or have hosted a giveaway in the past 6 months, are not eligible to win a gift card again.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck mommies!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

My Baby Bump

So it was probably a dead giveaway last week when I introduced baby bump style week that I was up to something lol. I got plenty of text messages and emails saying “Um, do you have something to tell me?” Well yes I do!

I’m a little over 4 months pregnant with my first child and I’m very happy…and scared…and nervous…happy. My husband and I will be expecting the arrival of our baby (we find out if it’s a boy or girl end of April) on September 13th, 2014.  Since my husband’s birthday is the 18th and mine is the 21st of September, we realized that September has just been overhauled by this little bundle of joy.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I get to relax a little bit and start showing my baby bump style. I wanted to debut the bump with a vibrant print and something sparkly to celebrate the happy news.

Tribal print dress from Express and jean jacket from Old Navy.

Tribal print dress from Express and jean jacket from Old Navy.





My new sparkly obsession, my necklace from The Poshlet

My new sparkly obsession, my necklace from The Poshlet

Someone's gonna be a big brother soon!

Someone’s gonna be a big brother soon!

All my guest bloggers from last week had impeccable baby bump style and have truly inspired me to embrace the bump and have fun with clothes during pregnancy. Let’s see how long it takes me before I start showing you my “sweatpants look” lol.

More baby bump style to come and more dressesssssssss! FINALLY, DRESS SEASON IS BACK!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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