3D Printed Jewelry

We’ve all heard about 3D printing technology but how many of us have actually seen a finished product out of a 3D printer? Besides Grey’s Anatomy episodes.

Anyways, I was surfing on Twitter as I do during commercials, when I came across WonderLuk LTD from the United Kingdom. What caught my attention was their amazing jewelry line that was edgy, unique and 100% made via 3D printing.

It’s awesome to see the integration between fashion and technology. And if technology can print me a super cute ring, I’m on board! When I got in touch with Andre from WonderLuk, we began the design process that took about 4 weeks. It may be a little long for a ring but this ring was going to be special. Not just because it would be made of nylon on the 3D printer but because of the design I wanted.

My daughter’s name is Philippa but her nickname is Pippa, so I wanted a piece to honor my little one.




I had a chance to speak with Michelle Garrett of WonderLuk and ask her what it’s like to make 3D printed jewelry.

When did you start making 3D printed jewelry?

WonderLuk launched in April 2014, so we’ve been selling our jewelry for just over a year now. WonderLuk started with the mission to give women the power to create their own, personalized piece of 3D printed jewelry. Now as well as offering pieces by our own designers, we also run a bespoke service.

Why use 3D printing technology to make your pieces?

WonderLuk was created as an alternative to mainstream, mass produced fashion. We’re all about creating accessories that are totally unique and personal. Made exactly to our customer’s specifications, 3D printing technology is the perfect tool with which to do this. We can print every piece entirely on demand, in the size, colour and material our customer desires.

With 3D printing technology, we can also produce pieces you will never see on the high street. We use shapes and geometries that are impossible to make through any other method.

How long did it take to make my ring in the printer?

Not long, we can print all our jewelry in just a few hours on professional 3D printers. Compared to the length of time required for traditional handicraft methods, the process is amazingly fast.

I really appreciated that I was part of the design process and was sent images of my ring to approve. Do you do this with every piece you make for clients? 

Yes! With bespoke designs we want our clients to feel like they’re a part of the process, so the finished piece is something they love and are proud to wear. The WonderLuk experience is about “co-creation”, connecting our customers with the designers who can take their vision and make it a reality. Digital design technology means we can quickly edit our designs, so our customers can come along every step of the way.

Where do you see Wonderluk in 5 years?

We’re hoping to become a go-to online destination for women looking for different, interesting design that is made just for them. We’ll be expanding our customization options over the next few years, using state-of-the-art technology to offer more ways for our customers to make our pieces their own (or have their own bespoke piece made). We’ll also be bringing even more talented designers onto the platform and expanding into other areas like 3D printed homewares and wearable fashion.



As a stylist, I want my clients and readers to rock those unique pieces that set them apart. WonderLuk and I have teamed up to giveaway this 3D printed “Crazy” nylon ring to one lucky winner!

Follow the entry requirements on the rafflecopter widget below and the winner will be announced on May 13th!

*daily entries are accepted, giveaway is open to everyone*

Thank you to the team at WonderLuk LTD for my beautiful ring and good luck everyone!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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White Dress for Summer 2015

I think I see summer on the horizon, so it’s time to bring out my white dress for summer 2015.

Every year since 2007 when I lived overseas, I set out to find my designated go to white dress for the summer. When you travel so much you learn to pack light and pack the essential pieces. Like the right pair of jeans, heels or LBD, finding your designated go to white dress for the summer is something I highly recommend to my readers and clients.

Day on the beach? Drinks with the girls on a roof top patio? White parties? Summer time cook outs? Or my favorite reason to have a white dress, to style it up a-la boho chic for an outdoor festival.





Dress: Francesca's Sunglasses: Quay Australia  Headband: Francesca's

Dress: Francesca’s
Sunglasses: Quay Australia
Headband: Francesca’s

Once you find the white dress that suits your body type, the styling possibilities are endless!

Have you found your white dress for summer 2015? Need help finding one? Send me a quick email at patty@stylebypatty.com and I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction! Let’s get you ready for summer 2015!

Keeping it confident – Patty

Lilly Pulitzer For Target, Was It Worth It?

Ok, so after receiving a lot of tweets, text messages and emails asking me if I participated in the Lilly Pulitzer for Target madness yesterday I decided to write this post.

Before I jump into my thoughts on the whole thing, I want to hear from you. Did you wait in line at 6am to grab some Lilly Pulitzer pieces you couldn’t live without? What was your experience like? Did you wait in line, walk in, only to be disappointed in seconds? Were you online and clicking the refresh button over and over because the Target website crashed? Or were you one of the 5 lucky people who ran in, stacked your cart with half of the display case and headed for the cashier? I want to open this post up to everyone and let’s have a discussion about the Lilly experience!


Thanks to my twitter bae @readydressedgo for this pic of the Lilly display at her local Target in Detroit.

As for me, no I did not participate in the Lilly madness yesterday. To be honest, the brand isn’t really my personal style. I have clients who love the brand and I totally respect their choice and will shop and style the heck out of some Lilly for them.

A friend sent me an article from Refinery 29 talking about the uproar of Lilly Pulitzer purists who were outraged that the brand would even dare to collaborate with the commoner Target. You gotta read through some of these comments and tweets to get a laugh. However, reading some of these comments made me think, was Lilly Pulitzer for Target mayhem really worth it? I mean yes, one side of the argument was it’s a high end brand at accessible prices for the masses. While the other side of the argument whined that the collaboration tainted the feeling of exclusivity the brand brings *and that it would hurt Lilly Pultizer. It sold out in minutes, I’m sure the brand is hurting all the way to the bank right now*.

My husband asked me my opinion and to be honest I’m torn. Yes we all want the expensive exclusive pieces that set us apart but at the same time, we all love a sale, we all love a bargain and I will probably go for the bargain 9 times out of 10. I received a tweet from someone on the east coast telling me they saw people wearing the real deal expensive Lilly as they rummaged through the Lilly racks at Target. I mean, really?

I have pieces from the Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung and Altuzarra collections that I went kinda nuts for. *So much so I bought three pieces from the Altuzarra collection while in early stages of labor in the hospital. It’s such a long day waiting for baby, gotta keep busy somehow right?* However, I don’t think I heard the argument that these colabos would hurt the designers and taint their luxury brands. Yesterday’s mayhem made me think, Lilly Pultizer for target, was it worth it?

You tell me.

Keeping it Confident – Patty

Find Your Style City With FarFetch.

If you could choose one maj fashion capital of the world to best describe your personal style, what would it be? I never really thought about what city best represented my style until Farfetch asked me to try their new Style City finder. I’ve always been a fan of Farfetch and knew they wouldn’t disappoint.

The quiz starts off with beautiful illustrations created exclusively for Farfetch prompting you to find your style city. The questions can be a little vague and some of the choices available may not represent your personal style. However, as I went through the questions and answered as close to my style as possible I thought, where is this gonna take me? Then my style city came up and I was kinda like “whaaaaaa?” *but in a good way*

sc10My style city turned out to be Tokyo! Um can you say YES! I love color, love a well made, well done silhouette and who doesn’t love all of those designers?

I vacationed in Tokyo a few years back and could’ve made it my home. Loveeeeeeeeed the culture, atmosphere, food and the fearless sense of style. When you’re in Japan you can’t help but marvel at how naturally beautiful Japanese girls are and how they rock the edgiest of outfits with total confidence. Safe to say that Farfetch nailed my style city!

Trip to Tokyo circa 2008

Trip to Tokyo circa 2008



I wanna wear one of these outfits just cause it's Tuesday!

I wanna wear one of these outfits just cause it’s Tuesday!

Tutus for sale? Heck ya!

Tutus for sale? Heck ya!

If you have some free time at work or waiting for the next train on your commute, click the widget above, take the quiz and find out what your style city could be.

I’d love to hear what style city Farfetch finds for you! Leave your results in the comment section below!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

Wardrobe Boutique, a rock ‘n’ roll chic Houston shop

Happy New York Fashion Week everyone!

The featured Houston shop on the blog this week is Wardrobe boutique. I first learned about Wardrobe at a holiday w7event held at Esperson Gallery in December 2014. Owner and creative genius of Wardrobe, Claire Carmichael was showcasing some of her edgiest must have pieces and of course I gravitated towards this beautiful leather vest. We started talking about what Wardrobe is all about and she invited me to come check out the shop sometime. I went by a couple of weeks ago and spent an afternoon with Claire who shared her inspiration and vision behind Wardrobe.

When did you open? 
August 2nd, 2014

What motivated you to open your own store?
I couldn’t find anywhere in Houston that I wanted to shop that had anything unique,
individual or fashion forward. I’m not a fan of going into boutiques or stores like Nordstroms and Saks and seeing things that everyone else has. Being from England, I prefer boutique shopping knowing that 10, 20 or even 30 people are going to have the same thing as me.

Owner Claire Carmichael

Owner Claire Carmichael

What has been the most surprising thing about having your own business?
The business becomes like a child. You develop it, open it, watch it grow and give it TLC. I’ve helped open many businesses but this one is truly my baby.

Describe your everyday customer.
I haven’t got one. It’s so broad. We have customers between ages 20 to 60 years old who tend to be true boutique shoppers. Many of them have scouted us out while looking for a new boutique.

w11What can your customers look forward to when they walk into your store? 
First and foremost, fashion they won’t find in other places. Wardrobe is spacious and bright with very large changing rooms that are separate from the store. We got open windows that offer a lot of natural lighting and have a helpful and informative staff. You’re just going to have to come check it out!

Dressing rooms at Wardrobe *side not* Re-purposed doors for an abandoned building up the road from the shop Claire picked up.

Dressing rooms at Wardrobe *side note* Claire picked up these doors from an abandoned building up the road from the shop and beautifully re-purposed them for her dressing rooms.

Name some items in your store you would recommend to your customers.
Siwy Denim, known for the quilted pockets and contoured design that creates the illusion of a full bum. Catherine Page Jewelry, all handmade and known for re-constructing classic Chanel pieces while using all real geodes (amethyst, moonstone, etc.). Cleobella leather jackets, especially the Wild Thing which is perfect for rodeo. Handmade in Bali and made from lambskin, this jacket feels like butter and is so comfortable.

Catherine Page necklace with Chanel pendant. I'm obsessing over this necklace!

Catherine Page necklace with Chanel pendant. I’m obsessing over this necklace!

What brands do you carry?
Flynn Skye, Cleobella, SoLow, Waverly Grey, Nation LTD, Toupy Paris… just to name a few. Now you’ve got to come in and see the others!

What does style mean to you?
Confidence, elegance and feeling good in your own skin. Having your own individuality and rocking it. Not following what’s necessarily popular, but knowing what fits your silhouette and feeling good in it.

Who is your favorite fashion icon?
Pharrell, Gwen Stefani and Carrie Bradshaw.

What is your favorite item in your closet right now?
That’s a tough question. It’s hard to pick one but I’m leaning towards my Cleobella Violet lambskin jacket, which I sell here at the store. Really anything from Wardrobe becomes an instant favorite.


What I enjoy the most about Wardrobe is that from the moment you walk in, there is a unique vibe not typical of your usual boutique set up. It’s more airy and spacious and kinda leads you into being more open with your personal style. The words I use to describe the pieces at Wardrobe boutique would be edgy, conversation pieces, bold, rock ‘n’ roll chic. I’m very happy I came across Wardrobe and grateful to Claire Carmichael who was so gracious to spend some time with this Houston newbie and share her vision with me. Thank you Claire for being so sweet, I really appreciate it. Glad we got some time to chat, get to know each other and learn about all things Wardrobe!


I must remind you that Rodeo is around the corner here in Houston so head over to Wardrobe and stock up on your leather everything! Don’t forget to tell them Patty sent you!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

Eye Bar Houston, Houston optometrist with a twist.

2015 is gearing up to be a great year and I’m so happy to feature a new segment on the blog. Since I’m new to Houston, I’ve decided to get out there and visit the trendiest shops the city has to offer and feature them on the blog. This way you’ll know exactly where to go when you’re in Houston and you can tell them Patty sent you 😉

The first featured shop on Style By Patty is Eye Bar Houston. How did I find them? Instagram of course. I saw they were offering make up make overs with Jentry Kelley Cosmetics and decided to go in for a glam session. Once I arrived, I realized it was so much more than just your run of the mill eye doctor’s office. Have you ever thought of your optometrist’s office as a one stop shop for all your eye wear and glam needs? I doubt it and neither did I until I walked into Eye Bar. I had a chance to speak with the owner of Eye Bar Houston, Dr. Sheena Garner about this innovative and trendy shop.

Dr. Sheena Garner, Photo by Quy Tran Photography

Dr. Sheena Garner, Photo by Quy Tran Photography

When did you open Eye Bar?
EYEBAR’s soft opening was January 1st 2015 however, I’m waiting to cut the ribbon once everything is fully functional. We already offer medical eye exams, luxury eyewear, lash extensions and makeovers. We’ll be adding botox, permanent makeup and eyebrow waxing/threading soon.

What motivated you to open your own shop?
I bought an existing optometry practice about 4 years ago InSight EyeCare. The practice is more medically based and is located off of 290. While I love treating eye disease, I found myself having the most fun playing in glasses with patients. It’s really fulfilling for me to help someone gain self confidence and I found a way to do that through eyewear. To me, the eyes really are the window to the soul and I wanted to be able to enhance their beauty in every way possible. With that in mind EYEBAR was born.
Forget the old ways of typical eye exams, this is luxury medicine. A general exam with me encompasses a health evaluation, complimentary touchup with Jentry Kelley Cosmetics and personal eyewear styling. I believe that a woman needs a beautiful canvas before she can pick the perfect accessory for her face.

What has been the most surprising thing about having your own business?
Its HARD!!! There are many laboring hours, blood, sweat and tears. I’ve had many sleepless nights and multiple meltdowns. EYEBAR is my baby and even though it’s tough at times, it’s worth every minute!.

eb7Bronzed Beauty and Jentry Kelley Cosmetics are also available at Eyebar, what motivated you to bring them into your shop?
I cannot say enough about Jentry Kelley and her cosmetics! Her make up transforms you, she’s an amazing business woman and an even better friend.

Bronzed Beauty by Ashley Fink recently joined the team. I am a sucker for a bronze glow and she gives the best spray tan I have ever had. I wanted to share the love with my clients.

Describe your everyday customer.
It’s across the board with both men and women ages 20-87. We love everyone and take pride in our customer service. It’s our goal to make everyone feel special when they walk in the door. After all, it’s their time of complete pampering.

Name some items in your store you would recommend to your customers.
It all depends on the customer. I have very exclusive eyewear like Matsuda and Alain Mikli. As well as the more trendy brands like Tom Ford, Balenciaga to the main stays like Persol and Ray Ban.

What brands do you carry?
Tom Ford, Balenciaga, Tods, Mont Blanc, Roberto Cavalli, Miu Miu, Persol, Gstar, Chloe, Spectacle EyeWorks, Benner, Ray Ban and Modo


What does style mean to you?
Style is whatever gives a person confidence. It’s all about empowerment and feeling like a million bucks.

Who’s your favorite fashion icon?
I’d have to say CoCo Chanel which is probably not that original but she was a genius in her time.

What’s your favorite item in your closet right now?
That’s a tough one because my mood and my style are constantly evolving but I’d have to say my black leather pencil skirt. For my day look I can pair it with a loose sweater, plain tee or button up. I’ll spice up my evening look with a fitted backless top or a trendy crop. The combinations are endless with that skirt. <3

Thank you so much to Dr. Sheena Garner for taking the time to speak with me. eb9

Not only have I recently become a new patient of Dr.Garner (I needed to find a good optometrist), I’m a huge fan of everything they do there. I’ve never seen a shop quite like this before and I’m so happy I came across this Houston optometrist with a twist and Eye Bar Houston!

I highly recommend stopping in and trying on some eye wear in front of that AMAZE GlamCor mirror with Dr. Garner, touch up your make up with Jentry Cosmetics, get your spray tan on and let them know Patty sent you 😉

Keeping it Confident – Patty

Ps. My glam session with make up artist Katie was amazing *see picture below*


My top 7 instagram fashion picks.

I haven’t blogged in a while due to the baby, life and let’s face it, a tad bit of laziness lol (I’m being honest here!) However, in my spare moments I find myself perusing through Instagram pretty much on a daily basis. I Follow online boutique’s Instagram accounts and obsess over the newest items they post. I get all wrapped up in the allure of the item so quickly that I’m clicking on their home page and before I know it, I’m setting up my account information to place my order. For me anyways, I’ve noticed that online shopping has gone mobile and is now based on Instagram accounts rather than patiently surfing through sites on a laptop. Is it because it’s quick and easy? Of course, but it’s definitely an interesting turn for an online shopper and personal stylist like myself.

As of right now I have 7 items in different shopping carts waiting for me to finish my order. Things like my budget and the judgy eye of my husband are stopping me from pulling the trigger. But let me share my top 7 Instagram fashion picks that I plan on obtaining at some point (maybe even in secret).


First up, these lovely Quay Australia Zig Sunglasses I found on the Instagram account @WhiteFoxBoutique.

First up, these lovely Quay Australia Zig Sunglasses I found on the Instagram account @WhiteFoxBoutique.


Nala Sunglasses Tort by Quay Australia on @WhiteFoxBoutique. I just picture myself on a beach with a big hat and these babies on!

Nala Sunglasses Tort by Quay Australia on @WhiteFoxBoutique. I just picture myself on a beach with a big hat and these babies on!


Quay Australia Kitti sunglases, light beige. I love a good pair of sunglasses that always catch your attention. Something different for summer 2015!

Quay Australia Kitti Sunglasses, light beige. I love a good pair of sunglasses that always catch your attention. Something different for summer 2015!

Wait, I think I’m on a sunglasses kick right now 😉


While getting back in shape, I'll take anything that drapes well on my body and has pretty colors! Hello Fancy Fringe Kimono by @pompandcircumstanceboutique

While getting back in shape, I’ll take anything that drapes well on my body and has pretty colors! Hello Fancy Fringe Kimono by @pompandcircumstanceboutique


Because every girl needs pretty shoes for the new Spring Summer season! Coral shoes by @newlookfashion

Because every girl needs pretty shoes for the new Spring Summer season! Coral shoes by @newlookfashion


Sexy summer date night dress? And ON SALE!!!!! HMMMMMM? Dress @whitefoxboutique

Sexy summer date night dress? MUST HAVE HMMMMMM? @whitefoxboutique


I usually look for maxi dresses for the summer but this is beautiful piece to change up your summer wardrobe. Frozen Midi Skirt seen on @saboskirt

I usually look for maxi dresses for the summer but this is a beautiful piece to change up your summer wardrobe. Frozen Midi Skirt seen on @saboskirt

Can you tell my mind is already in summer mode? lol

*girly sigh* I’m sure as the weather gets nicer there will be a lot more than just 7 Instagram fashion picks and pending shopping carts.

I know you guys are guilty of perusing on Instagram as well, I’d love to hear about your Instagram fashion picks!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

Virtual styling giveaway

Christmas is just around the corner and I’ve decided to spread the stylish cheer just a little bit longer and expand the Style By Patty holiday giveaway.

I know everyone is busy getting ready for the holidays and setting up a time for someone to come over and check out your closet isn’t on your list of priorities. So I’m giving away one free hour of a virtual styling session. One one lucky winner from the US or Canada will be announced on Dec  29th! (I live in the US but I’m a Canadian so I gotta rep both 😉

Follow the Rafflecopter instructions in the box below, enter as many times as you like and spread the word!

I’m looking forward to chatting with the lucky winner!

Merry Christmas and good luck everyone!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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Altuzarra for Target Review

On September 14th two great things happened to me. The first, I had my little lady at 10:36pm and the other was getting my hands on some pieces from the Altuzarra for Target collection. You may be wondering how I was able to go shopping while in labor and I’ll tell you, it was easy lol. Got to the hospital at 8am and had a lot of time on my hands waiting for the baby to come. In order to keep distracted from the contractions and the discomfort, I did the only thing a fashionista would do to keep busy, I got on my phone and did a little online shopping. My nurse was pretty impressed I was in the mind set to go online shopping while in labor and I was like “Um yea, it’s Altuzarra for Target!”. I’m glad I got the pieces I had been eyeing for a while and now 7 weeks later, I can share with you my Altuzarra for Target review.

Keeping in my mind my post baby bump body, I ordered the following pieces in a larger size just to help me transition back into normal clothes.

As we embark on Autumn/Winter 2014 trends, I needed to up my sweater game. The cranes are a beautiful touch to a basic black sweater. You really don’t need to dress it up with accessories since the cranes do all the talking. This sweater is a great look for your simple black on black outfit for the office.


Casual look

This sweater is comfortable and a great transitional piece that can be dressed up or down. Can you say Sunday Funday look?

As soon as I saw this dress I knew I would be slipping into it for my 32nd birthday celebration *Side note, it was 7 days after giving birth*. I was nervous about the size, cut, fabric choice and if it would fit well after child birth, but I had nothing to worry about. The dress fit great 7 days after labor and delivery and still fits great 7 weeks later!

Looking for that shirt to spruce up your office attire? Look no further than this beautiful orchid print, navy blue shirt. Strong structure, feels great on my changing body and gives a feeling of sleek sophistication without the print being overbearing.

Casual look

Casual look

If you’re a girl on a budget like me, you’re always thinking about how you can re-purpose your day to night looks. This shirt can be worn to the office, drinks with the girls or date night with hubby. The orchid print is a great statement piece so over accessorizing isn’t necessary.

I can honestly say I’m very happy with the Altuzarra for Target collection. I wasn’t the ideal customer for the collection being that my body would be transitioning for a long time. However, all my worries about size, fabric and cut went away and the clothes fit the way I want them to. Another great thing about these pieces is probably the most important part, it makes me feel like me again and gives me that boost of confidence all new mommies need after the transition into mommyhood!

Did you grab any pieces from the Altuzarra for Target collection? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this collection, comment below!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

Back to blogging

The last time I posted anything was 6 weeks ago when I had my beautiful baby girl Philippa Hana. I’ve been living in baby moon mode for the past 6 weeks and it’s been awesome. Granted getting used to night feedings, diaper changes, and the cries of an infant has been a challenge, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. However, mommy’s gotta get back to blogging and share her style picks and tips in the post baby bump era.


babyme4How cute is she?


Our little family of four! * of course Bradford had to ruin the family photo lol*

I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging and can’t wait to hear from you, my loyal readers and clients!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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