Plus Sized Clothing By Shape

I’m very happy to introduce my very first guest blogger of the year!

Please welcome Kate, plus sized clothes expert at Kate will be educating us on plus sized clothing by shape and what the curvy girl should be looking for.

When looking for your perfect plus size dress you need to take into consideration your body shape and what is out there that will match your body type. This article is designed to offer tips on plus sized clothing by shape.


image 1

This body shape means you’re an hour glass body shape. Your bust and hips are symmetric creating a curvy all round figure. You will want to wear clothing that compliments and draws attention to your hips.

Clothes that are tight around the hips are most popular with this body type. As you can see the hips are the main feature you are drawn to and that is exactly what you want to go for. Any colour works well with this body shape, but darker colours such as grey and brown work even better.

Adding accessories such as a belt around the waist area adds to the look you want to achieve.

image 2

 Top heavy

image 5

The top heavy shape is when your bust measurements is the most dominant part of your body. Having smaller hips in comparison, you will want to wear items that draw attention away from your bust.image 7

If you are this body shape, you will want to draw attention away from your bust area. By adding a big statement necklace, you instantly create something to look at other than your bust. Clothing with darker colours also help when trying to minimize the look of your bust area. Again colours such as black and grey help achieve this.

By choosing clothing with a V-neck it helps lengthen the vertical line of the top portion of your body, something that will work well with your body type. As you can see from the image below, the model is wearing a V-neck with a waist that starts just below the bust. These sorts of styles are often the best for this body shape.

image 8

 Apple shape

image 3

This body shape means you have a thick waist and maybe your tummy feels rounder and full. With this body shape it is best to avoid the stomach area by diverting attention to your bust, shoulder or legs. These are often the best features for a woman with this body shape.

The plus sized clothes you should avoid are the ones that have no structure and don’t show any waist. Clothing like big puffy jackets, tops that have high necklines and tight clingy t-shirts should be avoided.

With the apple shape it is important to highlight your bust area as this is often going to be your best feature. Low cut dresses or tops with a high waistline just below the bust, are the most popular and sensible choices. As you can see from the image below, this top demonstrates that perfectly. By wearing long necklaces you can easily draw attention to your bust, diverting attention away from your stomach area.

image 6

Plus sized clothes are designed to fit all different sorts of body types. As long as you know your body type then looking around for the perfect dress couldn’t be easier!

Written by Kate

Thank you to Kate from for sharing these important tips with us. As a personal stylist having these tips will definitely come in handy when working with new clients.

What body shape are you? What do you love to wear that makes your curves look spectacular?

Keeping it Confident – Patty

  • FreeUrCloset

    Great tips. Dressing for your body shape and silhouette makes the biggest difference.

  • Marie Young

    I have no clue what I am…. I think I’m boy shaped and I don’t see that on here LOL. I have a big but, large breasts, no hips….. what is that?

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