Here’s to Celebrating Our Girl Tribe on Valentine’s Day.

To me, Valentine’s Day should be every day. Telling the people in your life that you love, respect and appreciate them goes a long way on any given day. I love and appreciate my husband, daughter and family, that goes without saying. So for today’s ode to love and appreciation, it goes out to my girl squad that I’ve made here in Houston. Here’s to celebrating our girl tribe on Valentine’s Day.

Photos by Peiyee Chen. Legggins by Personal & Co.

Photos by Peiyee Chen. Legggins by Personal & Co.

I met these incredible women last year when I was still very new in Houston and didn’t know a soul. We realized we had a lot of things in common besides just being pretty amazing bloggers and social media mavens. We bonded over our heritage, three of us being Latinas. Children, two of us being mothers and all four of us having the same amount of ambition to be successful and achieve our goals. Each one of these ladies have made a positive contribution to my life and I am very grateful for their friendship.

I’ve traveled around the world and been very lucky to make priceless friendships, so I wanted to share with you my five tips to being a good friend.

1. Be you.

vday8Like the old saying goes, “everyone else is already taken”. Your tribe likes you for you, from your best Instagram photo to two bottles of wine later. Being you is your best bet!

2. Be a good listener.

vday7We all have problems, we all go through it sometimes. Being a good listener not only lets your friend unload their drama but it gives you a chance to be there for them and gain some perspective on things.

3. Support each other’s dreams.

vday9-2We all want to achieve success and be happy doing what we love. Watching our friends achieve their goals is a proud moment not just for them but for the whole tribe.

4. Look cute in pictures (JK) Positive energy follows positive energy.

vday10A smile is contagious, a compliment can change your outlook for the rest of the day and positive reinforcement lets us know we’re on the right track. We all like to hear it and it feels even better when you help spread the positive energy.

5. Laugh, laugh, laugh.

vday6It takes a special kind of person to get my sense of humor. So when you find your tribe that likes to laugh at your one liners that break an awkward silence or lolz when you say BYYYYYYYEEEEIIIIIIII, stick with’em!

Nicole, you taught me that everything can be a blog post and motivate me to stay on my A game. (I also have an unbreakable macaroon addiction because of you).vday5Maddy, your go get’em attitude is contagious and you’ve taught me that “No” is not the final answer.

vday3Stella, your positive view on life is the ray of sunshine I need on days where I think giving up would be easier.

vday4Having a special someone on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a significant other. It can be a group of special someones who love, encourage and support you on a daily basis. In our case, a daily basis of group texts that sometimes tally up in the 100s 🙂 LOL

vday12Make sure you check out the groups’s blog posts and see how they are celebrating our tribe. Check out Stella on Sincerely, Stella Marie, Nicole at Lipstick and Brunch and Maddy at The Loop Lyfe

Here’s to celebrating my girl tribe on Valentine’s Day and a Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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