Housewife taking a moment to herself

“Broken Housewife” Photos by Dave Mentzer

Opening a propane tank in heels

Housewife picking up toys

Housewife in yellow dress frustrated with life.

the broken housewife

The bough breaks

"Stop, Collaborate and Listen" Photos by Marcus Carter

“Stop, Collaborate and Listen” Photos by Marcus Carter



Spooky City Styled by Patty Chism


Luxury 11

“Illusion of Luxury” Photos by Dave Mentzer

Luxury 05

Luxury 20

Luxury 30

Luxury 22

"The Amanda Casarez collection" Photos by Thurston Willis

“The Amanda Casarez collection” Photos by Thurston Willis

Patty Chism Editorial Stylist 7

Patty Chism stylist 4

Patty Chism editorial stylist 6

'imagination come to life" Photos by Marcus Carter.

“Imagination come to life” Photos by Marcus Carter

Patty Chism editorial stylist

Patty Chism stylist 2

"Female Fight Club" Photos by Danny Siebenhaar

“Female Fight Club” Photos by Danny Siebenhaar

Female Fight Club 1

Female Fight Club 4

"Lemoncello Boutique Spring Summer 2018 Look Book" Photos by Marcus Carter

“Lemoncello Boutique Spring Summer 2018 Look Book” Photos by Marcus Carter

Lemoncello lookbook 3

Lemoncello lookbook 4

Lemoncello lookbook 5

Lemoncello lookbook 6

Lemoncello lookbook 7

"Amanda Casarez Fashion Presentation" Photos by Bruce Allen

“Amanda Casarez Fashion Presentation” Photos by Bruce Allen

Amanda Casarez for Macys 1

Amanda Casarez for Macys 5

Amanda Casarez for Macys 3

Amanda Casarez for Macys 4

"Angelica Talan for Eloquii" Photos by Dave Mentzer

“Angelica Talan for Eloquii” Photos by Dave Mentzer


Eloquii Angelica Talan1

Eloquii Angelica Talan2

"Angelica Talan for Loft, South Moon Under and Market Common Clarendon" Photos by Birch Thomas

“Angelica Talan for Loft, South Moon Under and Market Common Clarendon” Photos by Birch Thomas

Angelica Talan Loft 1

Angelica Talan Market Commons Claredon

Angelica Talan South Moon Under

Angelica Talan Loft 3

Caroline Torti styled in blue checkered crop knit sweater and blue lighting, knit pencil skirt by Hayley Elsaesser.

“Dancer Caroline Torti in Canadian brands Hayley Elsaesser and Untitled and Co.” Photos by Fabio Buritica

Caroline Torti styled in in Hayley Elsaesser Locket Love Overalls.

Caroline Torti in a knit sweater and ear muffs

Caroline Torti styled in Untitled and Co. blue sunglasses, orange crop hoodie and yellow pencil skirt.

Personal Stylist

A personal stylist is someone who understands that personal style is...

Personal Shopper

A personal shopper is someone who does the heavy lifting for...

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Virtual Stylist

A virtual stylist is someone who styles clients online using Skype,...

Editorial Stylist

AnĀ editorial stylist is a fashion industry professional who’s main objective is...

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