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What make me so proud to have created the “What Style Means To Me” guest blogger series is having the opportunity to ask bloggers from all walks of life to share their views on personal style. (BTW I’m extremely lucky and grateful that all 10 bloggers were willing to take the time to create such amazing content for this). This lady in particular is very special to me. You would think we knew each other since forever but no. We met on Twitter, the new way to make friendships across long distances. My darling Vanessa from the blog ReadyDressedGo and I met while live tweeting about Project Runway 3 seasons back and haven’t stopped tweeting each other since. Vanessa has a great sense of humor and an even more eccentric sense of style that is confident and unapologetic. I’m glad I asked Vanessa what style means to her because I got to learn a lot more about my Twitter sister šŸ˜‰

When I think of style I think of using your body as an art medium. You are the canvas and the clothes are your vision, your design. When I think of “stylish people” I think of Daphne Guinness, Susanne Bartsch, Giovanna Battaglia, Isabella Blow. These are women that dress in a wonderful way that does not conform to anyone’s view of anything.

Daphne Guinness

Daphne Guinness

Susanne Bartsch

Susanne Bartsch

Giovanna Gattaglia

Giovanna Gattaglia

Isabella Blow

Isabella Blow

I think there’s a misnomer in Fashion that “style” is something that we all do together, like following trends. But in my mind “Style” is singular. Like the way a professional basketball player has his/her own style in doing a lay-up. When I get dressed everyday I think, “WHAT SOUNDS FUN.” I honestly don’t really care what people think of me. I’m a 6 foot tall female artist, so everyone has written me off as *weird* already. I can’t get any weirder.

RDG 3Usually I want a sort of 1950s fit and flare silhouette, because I think that’s pretty, comfortable and fun. I love the feel of a dress and the way a full skirt will move about you when you walk, It’s like wind chimes. Color is another everyday necessity. I love my purples and I love having a contrasting colored belt, I always wear a belt, ACCENT THAT FIGURE HUNTY! I also try to go for color combos I’ve never worn before like Avocado and Orange, doing things like this makes me smile. I’ve never wanted to look like anyone else, I never think “oh those Gap khakis are HASHTAG TOTES AMAZE!” I have no interest in being like everyone else. I honestly don’t understand why anyone would.

RDG 4Something I hear frequently is, “oh but you can pull that kind of outfit off, Vanessa. I can’t. I’d look like a fool.” How do you know that if you don’t try? What others around me think has never effected the way I dress. I don’t have a secret code or covert knowledge of the color wheel. I just go with it. And what’s so bad about looking foolish!? No one will think that, they’ll just think you have a grip on High Fashion that they can’t understand.

RDG5I’ve thought in the past that I use my clothing as a costume or armor. So people will pay attention to it and not actually me? That’s kind of a depressing thought. But it does telescope who I am in a violently loud way. I’ve had people just look at me with my purple pixie and pin-up dress and say, “You look like a liberal.” HOW CAN ANYONE THINK THAT! lolol. How does my clothing reflect my political beliefs!? We are so used to people conforming themselves to boxes of definition: “I am a mom; therefore I wear Lululemon and always have a Starbucks cup in hand”, we don’t have to dress according to anything. I saw a guy wearing cowboy boots with athletic gear yesterday and I was like “Hell yes, confuse the people. High fives”

Creation by Vanessa

Creation by Vanessa

When I create art, I just go by pure gut/no planning. I find the colors and textures present themselves to me and then when I see the acid-trip-worthy result, I love it. I feel the same way about my personal style. It’s fun to dress silly. It puts a spring in your step to wear sequins in the daytime. When I get a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror, I think “oooh! I love how fun my outfit is!” It makes me happy, it improves my day and any way a person can get that, they should.


RDG 2I encourage the hell out of my daughter to wear whatever she feels like and she does. This usually results in full leopard print head-to-toe or Salwar Kameez tops paired with Nike athletic shorts. I’ve never asked her to change out of anything because dressing is supposed to be fun!

Vanessa – ReadyDressedGo


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