Dressing For Spring Time in London

Today on Love for the UK week, guest blogger Laura from Fluffleberry shares my feelings on the wardrobe limbo that is dressing for spring time in London. Or Virginia or DC or Toronto or anywhere north of the equator 😉

Dressing For Spring Time in London

Jacket by Moncler, Scarf by N.Peal, Jeans by Current Elliot, Jumper by Rag & Bone, Boots by Trickers, Bag by Balenciaga  Photograph by jMedia

Jacket by Moncler, Scarf by N.Peal, Jeans by Current Elliot, Jumper by Rag & Bone, Boots by Trickers, Bag by Balenciaga
Photograph by jMedia

This photo was taken on the Spring Equinox here in London and it’s grey, grey, grey. I don’t know why I’m surprised. Perhaps Londoners need to be in a permanent state of denial to survive the climate and their severe deficiency in vitamin D? Every year I go through the same experience, I get over excited at the prospect of Spring, I am teased with next season’s looks flooding into my consciousness and onto shop floors in the dead of winter. At the first hint of sun I buy shorts and sandals, only to find that we have a week long heat wave most of which we all spend sweltering in the office. Actually, during the last heat wave I was 9 months pregnant and one unhappy fat bird.

My Londoner denial has meant that a huge chunk of my wardrobe is taken up with summer dresses and kaftans, my maxis are about a foot too long for filthy pavements and my entire shoe collection, with the exception of two pairs of boots cannot withstand a drop of rain. Madness! Then again where would we be in Winter without the hope of a Spring? And where would we be in the world of fashion were is not for the element fantasy? I love that just for a moment, through fashion I can transport myself to an imaginary realm. A realm in which I am glamorous and look just like the model did in Vogue when I spied my Frame jeans, my make up is perfect and my hair doesn’t look like a bale of hay! Looking at my wardrobe I’d say this is a also a realm in which I spend much of my time basking in the sun and clearly wear high heels every day. Hmmmm… Horrah for denial!

Love Laura’s take on GLAMOUR and style for spring..lol. I basically felt the exact same way in my weather wardrobe confusion post up until Monday, when the weather took a right turn into summer here in DC! *for now*

To check out more of Laura’s great commentary go to her blog Fluffleberry, LIKE her on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/fluffleberry.finn and follow her on twitter @fluffle_berry.

Thank you so much Laura for your great blog!

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