Mommy and Me Outfits

People always ask when am I going to do a mommy and me outfits series and now that Philippa’s almost a year old, (Yeah that’s right, it’s been almost a year since she was born. Zoom! That’s time flying by) I thought it would be fun to showcase our mother daughter style. Some outfits I deliberately picked out cause OMG I have that in my size and others we just so happen to look like a cute mommy and me duo.


1mommyandmeOH AND A HUGE DISCLAIMER….TAKING PHOTOS OF A BABY IS NOT AND I REPEAT NOT EASY! These are the “ok” shots since she moved around so much and basically wanted nothing to do with taking pictures. Crawling around in the grass and picking up everything she found was top priority!

This was her first time in a park and on a playground swing. Her reactions to this swinging contraption are pretty hilarious.


What did you put me in? and why is this happening to me? Baby dress by Carter’s. Mommy’s dress by Ann Taylor Loft. Necklace by Rocksbox.

Let me make sure this is secure.

Let me make sure this is secure.

Double check.

Double check.

You ready little one?

You ready little one?

It's safe to say she LOVED the swing!

It’s safe to say she LOVED the swing!




Like, loved it a lot!

Like, loved it a lot!

3mommyandmeIt’s very true that having a little girl is fun because you can dress her up any way you like. I have a lot of fun putting her in dresses and tutus and making up our own mommy and me outfits. While my husband on the other hand has no problem putting her in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle onesie and saying “Ok, she’s dressed now”.  Baby girl fashion can be so versatile!

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