The Revenge Shoe

It’s Valentine’s Day and for some it’s a day to expect chocolate and flowers from your loved one. In my case, my hubby is expecting chocolates from me…lol and for others it’s an annoying reminder that you are not coupled up yet or just had a not so nice break up. Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone and the pressure to buy red, pink and something sweet is constantly thrown in our faces leading up to this day. Well, I got something that can come in red, pink and are OH SO SWEET and will have you feeling wayyyyyy better than a box of chocolates or flowers ever could.

I present to you, The Revenge Shoe c/o Tammy Pearce aka Jingle Jangle, a super talented blogger from South Africa. Check out the original article on her blog here!


My twin sister recently went through a break-up, so I promptly rushed her off to Cavendish Mall for a “new me” wardrobe. I personally think fashion can solve most things and well, I like to play Barbie-dress-up. It was on this plight, interrupted only by the occasional Tourettes outburst of “that bastard” and “loooser”, did we coin the phrase “The Revenge Shoe”.

Revenge Shoe Definition: A shoe that says to the ex “Look what you’re missing” or “Someone’s gonna get lucky tonight, just not you.” A shoe which causes cycling mash-ups, instant VIP access and literally lifts you to a higher plane of Goddess.

Now one must not judge… All girls need some ammunition on the road back to “me”. I just prefer it in the form of one killer heel.

Here are my selections for this season’s Revenge Shoe. Which one is your fave?

Revenge Shoes Blog

Louboutin’s at Apsley at the V&A Waterfront. Du Sud at the V&A Waterfront. Main image via

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